Synopses Road Test #1

I try to work up synopses at the beginning of the writing process. They can provide a focus for the story – a reminder of the over-arching tone and goals. Of course they are used for various aspects of publishing as well.

This month, I am in the process of entering a couple of contests and frequently they request a synopsis along with the entry. Sometimes they want a long synopsis. Sometimes just a short blurb. That has me playing around with (aka avoiding writing) a few of the old synopsis ideas for Tangled Up In You. Over the next week or two, I’ll post a couple of my favorites. Sorry, I am not able to turn on comments at this time. But you can Tweet your comments to me @TomboyRomance or post them on my Facebook page.

  1. An unexpected letter convinces Mercy Hallowell something nefarious led to the death of her fiancé and her mother. Seeking a safe distance that would give her room and time to sort it out, she dresses as a young man and flees the frontier town that had been her home on board a steamboat bound for New Orleans. Her plans succeed for four days. That all changes when she plows into André Cusson on the fourth night…and loses her heart.For André Cusson, the timing couldn’t be worse. He finds the woman beneath the disguise enticing and her predicament disturbing, but he is flush with obligations to his business partner and the man’s daughter, his soon-to-be former fiancée who decides to join him on the steamboat.

    When a river pirate kidnaps André from the steamboat, Mercy searches for him. Before she can find André, she discovers the tragedies in her life entangle with his past in a way that threatens to destroy everything, including the man she loves.