Recovery: taking the slow road.

The road to publication is long and meandering. At least in my case. I finished the first draft of Tangled Up In You in 2009. I shopped it around to nearly fifty agents with no success. A fellow author I met in 2010 started Indie publishing her works in 2011 and her success gave me hope that my story will find an audience at last. Then some personal issues hit me hard. Years passed. I started new projects but never got very far. Writing and publishing began to take a back seat to all the turmoil and emotional upheaval.

At the end of 2015, I received the worst blow. Along with it came free time I hadn’t had for several years. Writing and publishing became my salvation. It gave me a reason to get up in the morning and keep slogging through the worst of it. Fellow authors, who spoke about their own struggles, helped too. Kristen Kieffer at blogged about her depression last November and the tips she follows for writing through it.

There are days I feel miles away from my goals. But I keep working when I can. I have a novella nearly complete, a second and third novels in the works, and Tangled Up In You is about to head off for a final edit.

With the tech bug conquered and the influenza finally behind me, there are brighter days ahead.