Monday Motivation

I seek motivation to write from many sources. The one source that seems a magical cure for not only lackluster drive but writer’s block as well is research. Here is an excerpt from Wisconsin Women In The War, by Ethel Alice Hurn, regarding the phenomenon known as “Daughter of the Regiment” or Vivandiere:

“Two Wiscconsin regiments were accompanied to the field by young women. With the Fifth went Miss Eliza Wilson, daughter of William Wilson of Menominie, former member of the state senate and possessed of considerable wealth. Miss Wilson had her own tent and servant, and furnished with necessary food and clothing joined the regiment on a philanthropic mission. She paid all her own expenses and her duties included heading the regiment on parade, assuaging the thirst of the wounded and dying on the battlefield. With several of her relatives serving in the Fifth, she was well chaperoned…. She dresses in clothes of such pattern of the military board have ordered for nurses in the army, which is Turkish costume, as near as I can judge-the same which sensible ladies favored a few years since as a national style. The color is bright brown; no crinoline; dress reaches halfway between the knee and ankle; upper sleeve loose, gathered at the wrist; pantalettes same color, wide but gathered tight around the ankle; black hat with plumes of the same color; feet dressed in Morocco boots. This Vivandiere dress is no hinderance to rapid movements….”

I am dying to finish my revision of Tangled and get back to my Civil War novel. So many stories of real Tomboy Heroines to tell.