Me and the NaNoWriMo blues.

I am deeply in love with the idea of spending a month writing around a single story idea. NaNoWriMo – or National Novel Writing Month – is on my calendar every year for that very reason. Last year, I also added Camp NaNoWriMo – a great opportunity to work on brainstorming, editing, revising and polishing. This April is Camp NaNoWriMo and that’s what I had planned to do the entire month.

Unfortunately, I have yet to hit my NaNoWriMo goals in 3 years of attempts. The moment I think I have my month cleared and I scribble the acronym on my calendar, the fates turn against me. I get bull-rushed by family obligations, business paperwork, volunteer commitments that I thought I had fenced in, and schedule rewrites from the spouse – the project manager whose latest project is taking over every slot of free time we have together, even canceling a couple of days off. The latter means I have more of the household management responsibilities on my calendar for the next month or two.

Still, I count my blessings. I am lucky to have a schedule flexible enough to accommodate all the fluctuations with elan. Some days that makes me feel as though writing isn’t a priority. When my characters and stories wake me up some days or greet me in the morning with fresh perspectives, I know writing is still truly front and center.

That’s why I put every NaNoWriMo event on my calendar. Any time I can commit to it is always a win for me. #WritingLife